I’m a news editor who is originally from Chicago and has worked as a mechanical engineer. I changed careers to study journalism and environmental studies. Starting a news website about clean energy has led to me working as a long-term contractor at Yale Center for Business and the Environment, where I teach online media skills to a lively group of motivated students.

Our team is expanding the articles, infographics and videos published by Clean Energy Finance Forum and Conservation Finance Network. These are two sites I am building in collaboration with students and a nonprofit organization. We are experimenting with the latest innovations in online media and environmental communication. Both sites are using a “solutions journalism” approach to producing cutting-edge, pragmatic business news.

Clean Energy Finance Forum website

Yale University brought Clean Energy Finance Forum on board after I built its initial iteration for a small national NGO, Clean Energy Finance Center. The website has been growing since 2012.

I’ve also edited two magazines: BuildingEnergy and Renewable Energy World Magazine. My reporting has appeared in Midwest Energy News, Scientific American, Earth Island Journal, ecoRI News, On Wisconsin, and other publications. I am very interested in media technology and am a co-organizer of Online News Assocation Western New England.

My journalistic beat has included:

  • clean energy finance and technology
  • modern retrofits for climate resilience and green building
  • urban and rural ecosystems and brownfields
  • international environmental policy
  • workplace safety and chemicals
  • socially responsible tech innovation
  • diversity in the environmental movement (class, region, nationality and ethnicity)

Conservation Finance Network When I was still living in the Midwest, I completed a master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. My thesis analyzed how news reporters framed the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge energy resources debate.

For four years, I was a writer and editor at the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning, a national initiative advancing diversity-friendly teaching techniques in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at colleges and universities.

After doing web editing and technical writing for an energy efficiency research nonprofit for two years, I moved to Boston, started my own science writing business, and began producing clean energy news almost immediately. This led to my current role.

As an engineer, I constructed parts for hybrid race cars before hybrid cars were on the market. I also built and tested HVAC systems to cool power electronics that were connected to utility power grids.

If you’re interested in learning more about my work or collaborating with me, please read my clips or contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter.