“Kat’s efficiency and productivity as she manages a constantly shifting queue of stories and writers is impressive. Acting in much more than simply an editorial role, she regularly introduces graduate students to journalism and helps them develop their writing abilities. The students with whom she works consistently rave about the process of writing with her.”

– Matthew Hanna, Graduate Student, Yale University

“You will find Kat to be an excellent writer and a thoughtful analyst.”

– Professor Sharon Dunwoody, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication

“Kat is an impressive science writer who is never afraid to dig deep or ask difficult questions. She is well-versed in the issues and is dedicated to pushing the field forward. I have great respect for her both as a person and as a writer.”

– Kate Tillery-Danzer, Science Writer

“Kat has played an indispensable role in designing, launching, producing and consistently improving the Clean Energy Finance Source, the biweekly newsletter of the Clean Energy Finance Center. I thoroughly enjoy working with Kat, who is conscientious, creative, and very easy to work with.”

– Craig Diamond, Executive Director, Clean Energy Finance Center

“Kat is an excellent writer with a deep understanding of clean energy. Her articles and blogs are based on interviews and research that bring out ideas and information not readily found elsewhere. I’ve had the good fortune to feature her work in my newsletter, Energy Efficiency Markets.”

– Elisa Wood, Editor, Energy Efficiency Markets

“Kat was creative, productive and a great team member. She consistently met deadlines and showed tremendous personal initiative in supporting project goals. I highly recommend her.”

– Professor Bruce Herbert, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Texas A&M University

“Kat is always on top of deadlines and is a great communicator! She’s a great editor and a fantastic resource for all things energy efficiency.”

– Lisa Veliz Waweru, Graduate Student, Yale University

“Kat is a tenacious researcher; her writing is a model of clarity and insight. After five years, I still use her thesis to guide graduate students who are just beginning their research projects.”

– Associate Professor Samuel Dennis, University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Landscape Architecture